What do you think of the International Solidarity Movement?


Bosco asked:

If you haven’t heard of it,just wiki it up and let me know your impressions,or if you are familiar with it,let me know your opinion; i.e. do you think it is effective? etc.
We already know that our super-educated super-smart zionist friends like to squeel cheap insults. The question is directed to Pals and their supporters; if the question does not apply to you,leave it alone.

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It’s a fine organization for all those who support Palestinian independence; they are the group responsible for the recent blockade-busting boats.


It’s a great organization,particularly when it comes to publicizing the Palestinian cause. It does however advocate purely non-violent resistance,which not everyone thinks is likely to be effective in the long run. However I support it completely; check out their web page. Also,a suggestion; someone recently started the idea of pro-Pals tagging their avatars with PMS; I think the same purpose is better served by using ISM because it is better known.


I’ve always admired their work and I accept the suggestion noted above that the initials be added to our avatars.

That Ultra should be reported for abuse.

Crystal (PSM)

Frankly I don’t know much about it. However, I do know about the Palestinian Solidarity Movement (PSM). I like the idea of using PSM as opposed to ISM because PSM concentrates more on the Palestinian cause and has the word Palestine in it’s name. I urge all the Palestinian supporters to put PSM in their screen name.

Brynn: lol. It’s PSM, not PMS.

While I normally don’t block any one, I block that Jew Ultra N as soon as I see him. He needs to get a life. God, how much time does he spend on here. I have at least 15 accounts of his blocked.


oh yes
proud and pain
no more explanations to expect from me but i go repeating myself once you see the troubles these people are to suffer ,coming to your land in some cases and some died for the cause .sure then you might feel that humanity gave birth to such people who are ready to die for the principle they had
on the other hand with no connection to these people you feel some pain down deep especially if you witnessed the good old days


I greatly admire it although I have hesitation over the idea that Palestine can be liberated by non-violent resistance. I know this worked in South Africa,but as brutal as the regime was it didn’t have U.S. backing and a European-class air force. They had to respond to international pressure,which doesn’t affect zionism since they are sheltered from consequences by Uncle Sam. I wouldn’t rule out the need for a revolution. But ISM does great work and they are courageous; they deserve everyone’s support. On the question of using it on avatars,I kind of agree with Bryn since – as someone pointed out – PSM is easily confused with PMS which obviously is a lol thing. Besides,you can always explain what ISM is on your screen bio. Crystal is right though that it would be better it Palestine part of the name,but you can’t have everything. When she started the PSM thing I kind of thought people might inadvertedly use the wrong acronym,which I see brynn did. We should work on this since Palestinian liberation organizations have a history of balkanization and we don’t want to repeat that disunity online.


I support it,but I dislike the emphasis on non-violent resistance. I think anything is justified to relieve Palestine of it’s agonizing occupation.

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